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Stump Blues

by Don Lang

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The only way The battle will end Is if I walk away But I have a stake in this too I can not leave this place Nor should you This is where we both live This is where he came from The only place he can get what he deserves And I have a rite too Just as much as you Someone break me through Please I have a son too For better or for worse But not a wife in you What’s your next move Will it be the one That wears everyone down around you
I don’t say The kids are here So I can’t come I say The kids are here So I wanna be home I got ambitions though From when I was alone What to do with them but write a mother song That’s my legacy And oh how it carries me home Every single time
Details 01:05
It’s a cliché but You lost the battle When you won the war It’s a cliché for a reason Tis the season To circumvent the grave detail It’s a cliché but indeed You lost the battle When you won the war It’s in your DNA To settle the score Aom
Don’t be afraid I’m not the monster That’s not your mother This is a dream This is a story that you told In a waking state about a dream place An incredible dream So symbolic and full of information Technically a nightmare Just with a good ending Retain Retain The only way we can take it in Is through our dreams Where we put it all together Don’t be afraid in your waking state
Gods of AV I pray thee grant me An angel of sound to witness me bare my soul this day Not to spread the disease of malcontent or spent dismay Woe Gods of AV I pray thee grant me An angel of sound to witness me bare my soul this way Not to spread the disease of malcontent or spent dismay Woe
Either Way 02:20
Either way he needs to get what he needs One sees disease, the other environment Both must transcend For the sake of the sun to rise The moon cries And the self of all arrives Through him we see our self Our nature and sadness still A breath of life exists between us One sees disease The other environment All must transcend For the sake Of the sun to rise The moon cries
Debtors prison Back to old England Listen You don’t know me Or my family How we got here Or where we’re going If I’m a felon I’m a felon for love So watch your tone You don’t know me You don’t know my story Look This is where we came from And this is where we’re goin’ Read the story, find no moral If I’m a felon I’m a felon for love But I’m no criminal You don’t know me If I’m a felon I’m a felon for love But I’m no criminal Please watch your tongue I don’t need it from you
Grown men Still have mothers Not all young men Ever did Words to music Speak my language Through the darkness And into the light
There aren’t enough jobs There isn’t enough money And there never was Not for everyone But there is now And they know how We can’t get around Their deficit None should get none And barely more None should get none Or just barely more While there’s an elephant left in the room While there’s a whale in the world Please can we come to our senses Please can we come back We need to survive Let me get my mojo on For everyone Please, let me get my mojo on
Play me how you feel Play it up tempo Then play it back down Give me a tuh and a kuh Tuh from the front teeth Kuh from the back of your throat Tic tok without a clock or a vowel In between to space it out You’re a human metronome now Be your own man boy So sorry I have to say it from a song for the future Be your own man boy, keep your magic harp safe Be your own man boy I won’t let you be No mamma’s boy forever You can’t be keepin’ babies Until you’re a man Especially not for another man’s girl Even if she’s momma Keep your magic heart Safe
Rise 01:44
For the complexities of you I will surrender My every talent If I amid the clamor ever seem insensitive Just ask thee that I may Retract an accidental talon The complexities of you I do examine And if thy aura shan’t reflect True understanding Envelop this, look into it Cast ye thou magick Your heart I wish to examine From within as a preacher does a sermon With blind faith in divine intervention
I was mourning you this whole time Now I have you Now I’m gone I lost it all I had it all I lost it all I had it all Again again It takes a village My sun is screwed to the ground I’m melting You are doing so well I want to talk each day To help keep you going While I still have a chance One day when you wonder what it was all for You’ll hear it in my healing tones Oo
Work To Play 05:15
All I gotta do is work today To be O.k. To go out and play Tonight, tonight, tonight Like me lucky I got all the time in the world To do what I will With tonight, tonight, tonight But what would it mean without family All I gotta do is All I gotta do is All I gotta do is work to play


This release fitting our dark folk and blues category is the next solo album from ZoneWire's Don Lang titled : Stump Blues. Weaving poetically words from the heart, sometimes sorrowful, always an expressive tale. Recorded all over Portland in busking fashion this is the new industrial blues.


released August 19, 2013

To my poor pops for havin’ it so hard he had to quit.
Hazel Dickens- acapella
Billy Bragg- Back To Basics
Leonard Cohen- zen poet
Leadbelly- power and story
Mississippi Freddy McDowell-
footwork and intonation
Billy Holiday- confessional
Nina Simone- mystic range
Dead Can Dance- modern
Chris Newman- punk with
Michael Gira- how low can
you go and still grow
Elliott Smith- genuine
Sonny Terry- original blues
harp king
Big Bill Broonzy - stump
blues pioneer
Special Thanks:
My wife Nat for being fierce
and adoring. Ayden Michael
Lang for being a true son
and tandem harping mate.
Chris Newman for making
me see a future me possibility
for authentic sincerity and
overflowing heart through
music. Daniel Akzinor for
developing me as an artist
and printing the results with
a most resolved sense of
will and demeanor that I
know I’m on the right track.
Veronika Noize for being
my mentor. My family for
life. And Rick Logan for his
multi-media assistance.
Don The Hang Lang’s got
this. Pappa’s got a brand
new bag. Since birth it’s
been about James Brown.
It’s been about establishing
a new and more suitable
link. Creating a new illusion
to live by as Herman Hesse
called it.
(c) 2013 : Donald Douglas
Lang : Asura Records.
BMI Registered Artist and
Label. All Rights Reserved.
Visit: www.asurarecords.com


all rights reserved



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